I am Roberto Gallea, I was born on 19 February 1983 in Palermo, Italy. I still live in Palermo where I am married with Renata.

Currently, I work at SIA (Sistemi Informativi di Ateneo - University Information Systems) at the University of Palermo as a Information Engineer.

From 2008 to 2014 I worked as Computer Science researcher at the University of Palermo in the CVIP group of DICGIM department.
My research is mainly focused on Image Processing, Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. However, I like to span my interests towards other fields too. Indeed, I collaborate(d) with several research groups related to different engineering branches, such as Energy Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

I Have many interests and hobbies, the most recent I tried myself at is Electronics. Recently I discovered the world of open source electronics and the Arduino platform and buckled down to realize some little projects, mainly with a learning purpose.

Another interest "infected" by my wife is related to dance (she is a dancer and a dance teacher). Anyway, I am not this good at dancing, so I can only give my contribute by applying my knowledge to make something beautiful, bringing technology in contact with the art of movement. We are planning to accomplish some interesting projects and create original and appealing performances, both for eyes and ears.


Roberto Gallea, Ph.D  


I am Roberto Gallea, I am a Ph.D. in computer science working at the University of Palermo, Italy. I am involved in all kind of technological stuffs, both software and hardware, applied to a wide range of fields, such as multimedia, medical imaging, computer vision, digital arts and others.

My main objective is to become a full-time teacher in academic or high-level education contexts.

In addition I would like to collaborate with (digital) artists for achieving unique performances, based on movement.

I am member of IEEE, EMBS, SPS and ACM.



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